SatNOGS’ Client

The client module (dubbed satnogs-client) is one of the two areas I’ll concentrate upon now.

I finally located the documentation for the module: SatNOGS Client Documentation  So away for some reading.

A few days later: I have found out that the client uses the utilities from hamlib (Hamlib wiki) in casu rigctld and rotctld. Since I have no antennas (yet) I have concentrated on learning how to use rigctld and rigctl.

Using rigctl is quite simple. My radio is an Icom 821 so after having studied the man page I could start rigctl with this command:

sudo /usr/local/bin/rigctl -m 334 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 19200 -c 0x60 -vvvvv

I could talk to the 821 and e.g. see the frequency change in the display.

BTW You may as well use rigctld for this (This is what satnogs-client does, I have found out). The only difference is that instead of receiving commands from stdin rigctld reads them off a TCP socket, default 4532. Use ‘netcat’ to communicate with rigctld:

nc localhost:4532

The available commands are documented in the man page for rigctl and/or rigctld.

The next task will be to get satnogs-client up and running.

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