I have been a licensed ham (radio amateur) since 1955. I got my license during highschool in Horsens.

It has always been the technical side of radio that has interested me the most; I have never been very ‘communicative’.

Early on -in the seventies – my interest got caught by the satellites, especially when we radio amateurs began to get our own satellites.

All the time AMSAT-OZ existed I was a member and active in the OZ7SAT group. The OZ7SAT group still exists, see the OZ7SAT page

Presently my setup consists of a Wimo AT1 turnstile antenna mounted at the top of my mast (12 m a.g.l.) The radio is a RO (receive only) setup consisting of an RTL-SDR dongle installed in a Raspberry Pi model 3B. You can follow my achievements on the SatNOGS website.

The activities in the OZ7SAT group prompted me to decide to take this opportunity to first of all learn about SatNOGS but also as a chance to learn something about digital signal processing and the inner workings of software defined radios (SDR).

The raison-d’ĂȘtre for these pages is primarily to record my fumblings into the DSP world.

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