Lessons learned so far

After I got a Wimo AT-1 turnstile installed in my tower I decided to set up a SatNOGS ground station using a RTL-SDR dongle as receiver on a Raspberry Pi 3B.

Using the SAtNOGS image for RPi has not taught me much, but I have let it being used by the community. This will probably continue this way for quite some time until I pull myself together and dive into DSP and GNU Radio.

Using an RPi as server as I do here is a mixed blessing. Although the RPi is cheap and easy to get up and running it appears that it is not quite suited as a server running continuously.

After some time (which can be days and weeks) the CPU apparently looses contact to the micro-SD card that acts as hard disk. It can still be ping’ed but you cannot log into it.

I have been told that it may be due to the way the internal file system on the card works. In any case the card becomes totally unaccesible and has to be replaced by a new card.

I have tried to amend the situation by adding an external hard disk to the RPi but it only took longer before the situation appeared again 🙁

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